Edition 2, Issue 2: "History"


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Featuring the work of 20 unique contributors from 12 different countries exploring the theme of History. The work includes poetry, comics, illustrations, photo essays on a quickly-changing town located on the Ecuadorian coast, the traditional stick-fighting of Trinidad and Tobago, and the world's largest tug of war in Okinawa, some tales from the birth of the Brazilian Empire, a retelling of an ancient love story from the Indus River, a mini newspaper exploring all things 'islands', a story of Indian migration to East Africa set in the 1800's, and an essay that ties in a theory involving whale penises to ancient shrines and saints and our modern idea of history. Diverse to say the least!

Printed on paper made 100% from agricultural waste and green energy. Each order comes with a special edition sticker. Orders are normally shipped from Germany or the Netherlands so expect a delay if ordered from elsewhere.

Contributors: Martin Böer, Aude Nasr, Charles Neworth, Rafaela Micheloni, Cierra McKinley, So Jin Park, Renata Fulginiti, Josua Reeps, Charlene Eckels, M.G. Hughes, Danielle Salloum, Jimena San Pedro, Florinda Ixchel Cano, Amy Duckworth, CJ Mendez, Lina Bhatti, Sofie Vasquez, Zainab Bhatti, Augusto Dala Costa, Loubna R.